Author: Diane R Mitchell

 When Standard Schnauzers were first broughtinto existence,they were bred to guard,rat,and herd. They were specifically bred to herd long haired show cattle. Because of this, they were trained to bounce off the side of the cow to herd them instead of nipping at their heels. This makes the job of their owners harder when trying to train them to not jump on people. I continually have to remind my dogs that I am not a cow they should be herding around. There are several methods that work well for training your schnauzer to stop jumping up.       
Giving a word to the action of jumping on a person is the firs key. If the dog begins to associate the word (and I use Stretch with my dogs) with the action, it will make training them not to do it that much easier. Once the dog has the idea that Stretch means to put their paws on someone, which is what my dogs understand it to be, they will be able to learn that you don’t want them doing it every time company comes over.
      I suggest you have a good Sit Stay and heel that your dog will listen to. Put the dog in that sit stay before you open the door for company. Once you release the dog, make sure your dog heels next to you and they won’t be able to jump on the visitors. If your dog won’t listen to you very well, I suggest telling your friends to ignore the dog and to turn their backs to him when he tries to jump on them. If someone wants the dog to stretch up to be petted, make sure they use the command that you have trained your dog to do this for or have the dog sit for petting.
      Another good solution is the harness that stops dogs from jumping. The harness prevents the dog from being able to stretch it’s front legs up very far and thus keeps their feet on the ground. Most pet stores carry these types of harness and they are not too expensive. Just remember that training is always the better route to go and to still use the training even with the harness so that your dog will learn to obey and no longer need the harness in the future.
      One way to stop your dog from jumping on you is to bring your knee up when you anticipate they will be jumping up.
   This only works when the dog is in front of you. They can still get you from behind! For the dogs who try to sneak attack me, I stick my foot out behind me so they are blocked by my foot instead. Always use a command such as “No Stretch” when they try to jump on you so they learn to understand that you don’t want them to do it. Remember this works better if your pet already has an understanding of the word “No”.
     Another way to prevent them from jumping on you is to scoot back a step or lean back when you anticipate their jump. If you are not there to jump on, they won’t be able to do it. Again, this works well as long as you are anticipating the jump.
      Training your dog to not jump up on people is one of the harder things to do for a standard schnauzer owner. The lesson will need to be kept up until the dog has their feet solidly on the floor most of the time. Remember this is harder for our breed of dog than others, and don’t give up, just keep at it. Training does work, if only you use repetition and lots of praise and treats!