Kennel Cough Cure

Author: Diane R Mitchell
Originally Published in GPSSC Der Schnurrbart Fall 2009 issue Reference:
One of my co-workers, who already had two dogs, got a dog from a friend who could not keep her. The dog ran away the first chance she got. To make a long story short, she was found in a rescue facility and came home with kennel cough. My friend took her to the vet and got the antibiotics that the vet suggested she give the dog. This cost her about $100 not including the vet visit fees. In the next few days the other dogs started coughing too.     The next day, she asked me for advise on what she could do to cure this and not have to spend another $200 that she did not have. From experience, I know that kennel cough is like the common cold and flu in humans. There are many different varieties and the bordatella treatment given at the veterinarian’s office only covers about twenty five percent of the kinds we can all encounter at dogs shows and other places where large amounts of dogs gather. So, I went searching and found a great bit of advice online.     Using Vitamin C (500mg), garlic (500mg) and Echinacea (125mg) once a day for small dogs and twice a day for large dogs (the web site suggested the above dose for dogs under ten pounds) seems to work! My co-worker was thrilled that in 3 days there was less coughing and by the end of the week, all of her dogs were back to normal.  It was not long after this that another friend called me and said she would not be going to a dog show we were both to attend (she had the only other class girl) because her dogs had picked up kennel cough when she left them at a doggie care place while she was on vacation.     I raced over to my computer and pulled up the web site again and told her the ingredients in the cure I knew would work! She used it and the only dog who was coughing got better fast and none of her other dogs got sick. I recommend anyone showing dogs keep these key ingredients on hand in case they encounter kennel cough.     The side benefits are a glossy coat and bugs won’t bother the dogs while they are on the garlic. I am thinking of trying garlic with my dogs all the time to help keep them safe from flies while at dog shows.