Pet Medication

Author: Diane R Mitchell
Originally Published in GPSSC Der Schnurrbart Summer 2007 issue
Too many times I hear about a drug that was prescribed by a vet to help a loved pet and that pet dies from side effects of the medication. Why is this? The guidelines for testing medication for pets is much less strict than that of human medication. The reason for this is obvious. The cost involved in getting a drug approved by the FDA for humans is too great to do for the smaller quantity of a drug sold for pets. When ever a new drug is prescribed for my pets, I to find out what kind of side effects to expect. One medication my vet keeps recommending is Rimadyl. This drug is known to have liver and kidney damage when used in dogs. I try not to give this medicine to my dog unless he is in extreme pain and I make sure he eats with it as that can reduce the effects on his body. He also gets tested often to ensure that his liver and kidney functions are normal. So, when getting a new drug from your vet, check it out before giving it to them. Never give them anything that you know nothing about. It might save your pets life! Reference: Pet medications may not be as safe as you think.  Retrieved May 29, 2007.