Traveling With A Pet

Author: Diane R Mitchell
Originally Published in GPSSC Der Schnurrbart Summer 2008 issue

Summer is the time for traveling. Many folks take their pets along on their summer vacations. If you are planning to take your pet with you on vacation, there are some things you should consider.     When traveling in a car, your pet should be restrained. Keep in mind your dog does not sit with their seatbelt on like you do. The best option is to put them in a crate. This will prevent them from being thrown through a window if you get into an accident. Also, you can pull the entire crate from the car which will prevent your dog from running into the road and getting killed. I have known too may people whom have had dogs injured or killed after they got into an accident and the animal was struck by another vehicle.     Accidents are not the only way a dog can be injured when you are driving. If your dog sticks its head out of the window, road debris and bugs could hit them in the eye or nose causing you to have to stop at the nearest emergency vet. Many pets that have stuck their heads out of a car window have been rendered blind by the experience.     Make sure you have your dog’s most recent vaccination records packed. Some states have laws requiring the owner keep their pets records with them when traveling. Pennsylvania is one of those states. Also, make sure you pack bottled water for your pooch to drink. A sudden change in water can cause diarrhea. In case your dog does get diarrhea, take some Imodium. Any dog over 30 pounds can easily take one.     Remember when traveling with your pet that they will need to stop for a bathroom break about every 3-4 hours. If you don’t plan to stop, make sure you are prepared for the consequences!     Don’t leave your pet in the car unattended for even a few minutes. Parked in direct sunlight, it only takes a care 10 minutes to get to 120 degrees and that is enough to kill your beloved pet.